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Facing Foreclosure?

Are you having trouble making your payments?  Is the Foreclosure date approaching?  Is your home worth less than you owe on it?  A Loan Modification or Short Sale may be your solution.



You Have Options


  1. Foreclosure
  2. Loan Modification
  3. Short Sale

Foreclosure, although an option it is not a good one.  Yes, you can stay in the property without paying your mortgage but in the end your credit and ability to purchase a home will be affected for up to 7 years, year 2017.


Loan Modification, can keep you in your home.  NO UPFRONT FEES!  We have been able to keep homeowners in their homes with payments that compete with what the homeowner would be paying in rent.  If you love your home but can not afford you current payment we can help!  You pay only if we deliver!


Short Sale, you can stay in your home without paying a mortgage just like a foreclosure but with the end result of being able to purchase a home again, in some cases within 12 months of your short sale closing.  If you can not afford to stay in your home even after receiving a Loan Modification, or if your income or lack of income does not qualify you for a Loan Modification this is your best option.  With no costs being paid by you, you can get a full release of lien from your bank and save your credit from the impact of a foreclosure. 

Cherise Zentic
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